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Need for Speed: Underground
Platform: Gamecube
Rated E for Everyone. Mild Language and Suggestive Themes.
The Graphics aren’t that of the latest and “greatest” games. For 2003, they are actually very good. The cars in the very first race actually look real. The game is not life like, but you get into it very easy. Some of the cars look great too!
Game play
You start off in a nice sporty red car. After that, your flashed out of it by Samantha (you were imagining the race). You then get to pick out three cars. Now you must do 100+ races and get top on the rankings. Along the way you unlock performance, visual, and trade in credit. Along with a few special upgrades.
Hand Brake you need to know, along with the shift. Handbrake you use everywhere except drag. Drag you use shift. You have a few simple control schemes to use. Using Nitrous and drifting at the perfect time can save your hide, and I mean it. Drift into a shortcut or away from a car or inside a turn, can help you greatly.
The music may be heavy rap in some parts, but it is very cool. After a while, you get used to it, and even start to sing along to those good songs. My personally favorite are Low and 24 in the game. Of Course there are about 25 songs to choose for Menu, Race, Off, or everywhere.
You get on Magazine covers for ranking in a certain spot, having all level 1, 2, or 3 performance and visual upgrades, 1, 5 star car etc. 23 Magazine covers together. You unlock performance, visual, and cars after winning races. The upgrades work in levels. Most start at level 1, but Headlights and Taillights start at level 3 (thats 60+ races into the game to unlock). Performance is the same thing. You unlock performance in 3 pairs (first three, 4-6, and then 7-9) in tournaments. You get certain upgrades from Samantha (visual) and TJ (performance). These you cannot get anywhere else.
Adding all this information up together and tallying, I can say this is a more then decent game. I’d give it an A- and a 9.4/10. With a good Multiplayer and smooth story, its fun. It may not be a Must Buy Best Seller, but its worth 11 or some dollars to buy! Its for the Gamecube, and other systems, so you can enjoy it on other systems too!


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