Commando 2

Posted on: September 27, 2008




This is Commando 2 from MiniClip  It’s a great game Check it out at : 

Post you Tips and cheats on how to beat the levels or ask I’m sure someone will help you 😉

Level 3 Walkthrough by flame1dragon:

Level 4 Part 1 by Masterinvesting:

Level 4 Part 2:

Level 4 Boss Complete:


Hacked version:


53 Responses to "Commando 2"

we want cheats to finish level 4

Ok ill try to add a Video 🙂

can any one plz helpp me when i have to jump on to the oil can in level 2

regarding the oil can – just shoot on it with a weapon and the oil can / barrel is moving

What are the best weapons to finish level 4 the rocket at the end?

I can’t pass over the big rocket at Normal (Level 8). Always die from the big laser gun (Damn fast). Anyone can help?

Anybody knw how 2 destroy the rocket at then end of level 4,have tries a few times!manged 2 destroy first 2 parts of rocket but never get past the 3rd part!thx

yeh exactly the same, die at the 3rd part!

yup same problem die at the 3rd part! maybe must use cheat or something … did somebody solve it?

i think normal mode lvl 8 on rocket part3, canot be done coz 1 alwez running off ammo…. so we must use cheat.. help if somebody have cheat tell us!!!

I was good at all the lvs except for lv 3! i always die for the fucking rocket, when i reach the laser part, i only had about half life left so can anyone tell me how to avoit the laser?

Hello THis is a very good game. In level 2,as asked by, in the oil can the water behind oil can should be hit so that it comes nearer and we can jump up it.

laser cannot be avoided…

This is very easy game…

I have completed all the levels. If you have any questions regarding this game

mail me at:

Subject: Commando 2

Hey Roshan, tell us here itself how to destroy the rocket or give us some hints

hehehe i already finish the game use cheat engine 5.4 okey bro !!!!!!

last level of easy
big space ship with all the baddys how to do it ????? and wat ammo to use

On the 4th lvl i got past the 3rd bit on the rocket (really hard) but then when i got to the top i was killed=(

Hey why i cant jump in 1 lvl in the begining im pressing W but his just standing and not jumping

cant get past the 3rd part of the rocket i get to the bit where the balls shoot at you with lasers then i die help me

Can anyone help me on 3rd level electric bit.?? pliz

I can get on to the oil can/barrel and make it move to the other side but I cant jump off on to the bank without falling into the green slime and dying. Please help!!!!

lvr 7 is so hard

Can’t get past the top level of rocket on level 4, please help…I run out of ammo and life

How The Fuck Do You Get Past The Third Level Of The Rocket !!?

you dont nee cheets to get past the fourth level. i beat it 5 times and im sure you can too.

lvl 4 rocket here what i did
P25-Maisto for first part
The Catcher for second part
MK-150 for the third part(lost alot of health)
Logan-35 for the laser balls
Anything you’ve got left for the last part i had to use the knife just make sure you dodge his fire i only had to do this plan twice but the first time i didn’t have full health hope it helps

the crossbow thingy is really good for most of the rocket stages, although it runs ut of ammo surprisingly quickly

to beat the rocket level 4
on the first part use the desert rat
on the second use the logan -35
on the third use the pa 1454 shotgun
on the lasers use the p-25 maisto
on the end use the leftover weapons you got and use the pistol or sword

Here is how I have beaten level 4.

Select these weapons.

Logan – 35 (blue arrows)
P25- Maisto (strong rocket launcher)
Nayberg NS30 (weaker rocket launcher)
MK 150 (machine gun)

First Part – Use Nayberg NS30 to blast first wall, kill 3 guys, and do some damage until out of ammo, finish off with arrows or machine gun.

2nd part. – Use about 8 P25- Maisto rockets on laser gun, be sure to duck and stop shooting when guy raises hand and laser is about to shoot. Then switch to either arrorws or machine gun to destroy the 3 things shooting oranges.

3rd part – Blast all 6 rocket shooters ASAP with P25- Maisto rockets .. nothing compares to this gun at this part.. Then switch to blue arrows to destroy the lasers.. just dodge and shoot int the area and the spread of the arrows should take out all 4 of them.

4th part – initial blue laser will hurt you bad so make sure to jump over it when it is shot.. then hop on top of the head immediately.. At this point dodge the fire (you shouldn’t have too much trouble avoiding them) and be careful to stay on the platform.. you can fall off and die.. Use what is left of machine gun and arrows and you should be good.

Now.. I am stuck on level 7, the boss is touch !! I’ve only been able to get the crab to 1/4 life.. that’s my best so far I’ve tried so many times !!

Has anyone beaten level 4 in “normal” mode. By the weapons being posted here, it looks like you chickens are just talking about “easy” mode.

HOW U BEAT LVL 3 where u jump fence :O!

ondra ve this is how u do it

first u need the blue colord rocket launcher
then u shot the net and aftar the electricity gose off switch to the nife and jump u must be on the edge or u will fall

good luck

Level 4 – The Rocket – How do you beat it man?

I must have tried this ‘n’ number of times…but still can’t get through. Any cheat code to unlock a bigger weapon!!!

in cheat box enter code 5gf2hty61comm40 and you get unlimited ammo comm285heat452sd6fe-health hack gun52comm3ggun-all guns MAN ITS TO EASY TO WIN

what cheat box?

ok for level 4 rocket [easy]

the main thing is to have a decent amount of life left after that first stage where that annoying line of rockets keep hitting you. you gotta learn how to jump over them which is hard to do every time.

then for second part, use your hardest-hitting weapon to get rid of the big laser beam and then move either to the extreme right or left and get rid of the other 3 using machine gun

the 3rd stage is tough, you gotta use your hardest hitting weapon again to get rid of the 6 parts that fire rockets. if the barrage of rockets is above you, use a shotgun if you have it to get rid of the ones right over you head so you dont get hit.

then for those pesky 4 balls, while dodging their lasers, keep hitting them with either rockets and arrows [ machine gun is really really not recommended, by the time you kill the first 2, you are likely to run out of health] you can use up all your ammo at this point if you want, next stage you can do with a knife

after that, you are gonna get hit by an annoying beam that takes away 10% life and then you gotta jump on the samurais head. as soon as you do that, beware the fireballs its gonna shoot. first get rid of any ammo you have left and then crouch down and keep knifing it while dodging the fireballs. if you have desert rat silencer, use that instead.

thats all, hope it helps 🙂

For Rocket lvl 4 i used
desert rat (scilence) for first
The Stinger for second
Masto for lazers
desert rat s for head

can help for stage 4 can help me where is the cheat box any cheats do help me

level 7 very hard, can you help me ? thanks

do you finish all level of commando-2 ?
wonderfull if everyboby help me and i give all gun ?

Guys look if you want a really useful tip here it is :
How to defeat bosses : the “cheater’s” way.
1. take ONLY 1 gun and a lot of explosive things (e.g. grenade missle launch, explosive bow, etc.)
2. when u reach a boss just click as a mad guy where u wanna hit the boss
3. While clicking as a mad guy, press “e” and “q” not simoultaineous just to switch weps ull see they are effective (thats how i beat level 8)

Alexandre , Can you unlock all level at commando-2 for me by something?

Regarding the Kong-Fu Warrior (whose spelt with an o instead of u in Kung-Fu):

At the beginning of Level 4 Hard (or level 8) you verse him AND a swordsman; providing you aim at the swordsman while dodging the simple attacks from the Kong-Fu guy he’s about 6 hits with the blue bazooka.

This Kung-Fu guy is much harder than the one as a Level 2 Boss in easy (mainly the second half when he turns red). Does any1 know the quickest way to destroy his purple/pink bullets when he covers the whole screen with them while jumping?

While he sends them to fill the screen, he leaps up as every1’s probably seen anyway but if you stand to the very edge of the screen he’ll do another one which is two layers of purple bullets. If you get hit the first time then he might do it again, he might just leap or he might spin at you. The problem is that this layer of bullets is very damaging unlike the layers of swipes from swordsmen and with the main weapons I’ve tried like the bazooka, by destroying several bullets you’ll give him time to spin at you. Every other part of dodging is easy, how do you get rid of those bullets?

Don’t say: just shoot at it, with what (without getting hit from another attack while doing this)
And don’t say jump over it: he’s turned red and he’s filled the whole screen vertically with them.

level 8 very hard, can someboby help me? and unlock all gun no play game?

someone tell me how to pass level 8!i need help destorying the last boss.tell me what weapons to use.

To beat the second level with the barrel on the poisoned, underground lake, you must shoot the water on the far side of the barrel to force the barrel your way

what are the cheat codes of commando-2 on miniclip?

the ferst 4 levels are easy how you do the third level on hard

I was wondering how to beat level 12 in commando 2 in miniclip I would very much like to know if anybody could help me . And also if you have all the cheat code that would be amazing


Yes!!!!!! I finally beat level 8 after what seems like over 100 attempts. Here are some level 8 tips for those interested.

The Boss: I suggest you use the following weapons: Maisto, Dominator, Marrugo, and Desert Rat (unsilenced, so that you can shoot targets closer to you). If you’re the guy character you may use the Logan instead of the Rat. But if you’re the girl stick with the Rat since she’s quicker with it and slower with the Logan.

Boss pt1: kill the 3 zombies with one Dominator blast followed by about 5 Maisto rockets (You have to be up close and shooting at specific angles; gets easier with experience). Then use pistol/Rat/Logan (save at least 25-35 Logan arrows depending on how patient you are). Try not to get hit by rockets more than once.

Boss pt2: Crouch on the far right and quickly kill the giant laser with Dominator & Maisto using the quick mousewheel scrolling technique. Use remaining Maistos on bottom gun. Keep crouching down and kill the middle gun with pistol. Then you can relax for a bit before using the pistol on remaining gun.

Boss pt3: Keep to the right, and empty your Maisto then Dominator at the Middle-Left launcher, then the Top-Right one. Then use Rat/Logan to shoot rockets above you and whenever you have a chance, continue to shoot at launchers in the following order: Top-Right, Middle-Right, Top-Left, Bottom-Left, Bottom-Right.

Boss pt4: Hold down mouse button to fire Marrugo continuously at Laser drones, and concentrate on dodging. Dodging tips: try to always keep moving/jumping near the middle of the screen and not get trapped along the left edge. Finish up with pistol if required.

Boss pt5: After getting hit by the giant laser (it’s almost impossible to avoid), jump on the samurai head and use your Rat/pistol to slowly kill him. My dodging tips: stay near the middle above the right eye, and each time fireballs come out, jump immediately. This will give you a bit longer to move left/right.

Regarding the Kong-Fu Warrior: you will almost certainly get hit by fireballs that you can’t dodge. Just concentrate on killing him as quick as possible (with the Maisto obviously). So if you see a wall of fireballs come your way, don’t bother trying to dodge, just stay in the corner and get off as many shots as you can before you get hit. (It’s easier with the male character since he fires the bigger weapons at a much faster rate, though is slower with pistols)

where the heck is the cheatbox i need cheats!!!!

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