Review: James Bond Nightfire

Posted on: October 8, 2008


Rated T For Teens
Pierce Brosnan is back in James Bond 007: Nightfire

Snipe down your foes!
James Bond is back again! the 007 Agent never rests!
This time, he is going up against Raphael Drake and Team Phoenix.
The Nightfire Mode (career mode) is 12 missions. But each mission is not short, no sir. It is jam packed with enemies, items, guns, and fun.

Multiplayer. The best James Bond Multiplayer there is to date. Many fun and exciting arenas, weapon sets, weapons, and enemies. Unlock skins, extras, and areas by getting high scores in Nightfire.

Stick em’ up! Run up behind enemies and put your gun to their back! They surrender and give you there weapon. You then may kill them.
The Colors and Graphics are very good this time around. Whether up close are from the scope, you can see the faces of friends and foes very well. Work with a French Intelligence and Australian Intelligence. Blow up stuff, shoot grenades, and put metal through bad guys!

You start off in the air using a sniper, and end in a rocket hurtling down to Earth! Your everywhere: whether a Nuclear Power Plant or Underwater!

Controls are easy. You can use over 5 different styles. Classic is for beginners, and if you have Played medal of Honor, Nightfire style is easy. Put on auto aim to lock on, or hold L to change shot position!

The Weapons are very unique. Snipers, Auto 12, Raptor 5.0 and even the Classic Golden Gun, and the new Samurai. With over 25 great weapons, take your pick! His trademark handgun, the P2K this time, is even easy to use!

This image is reduced by 15%, click it to view full size.

The Game play is great. you travel everywhere and take on hard tasks. Take armor, or take your life, in every mission.
Of the Q Branch Library, the most common weapon here is the Laser Watch. You also have your Q Card, Stunner, Razor stun grenade, and many more!

As you can see, almost every level, on any level, is jam packed fun, and hard to the point that makes it funner. There is almost unlimited fun, so expect this to be a game you don’t stop playing once you beat!
So go to the store and buy James Bond Nightfire for your Gamecube today!



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