Halloween Costumes! – POPTROPICA

Posted on: October 19, 2008

Hey everyone!


 They just added  some new Cool scary Halloween costumes on PopTropica!!!


You can find it on Super hero island 🙂

Get em’ while there still here!

Till’ then Game on!


12 Responses to "Halloween Costumes! – POPTROPICA"

Were in superhero island?

how do you get the costumes

Response to james:

Its Currently gone it was there last Saturday and sunday It’s gone now Sorry 😦


Response to Tayloe:

It was at the end of the first part of the island but it’s gone now


i didnt know about it i didnt login from a long time to it

and now it gone 😦

for good i have the witch hat 🙂

i took it from the costmizer from someone

hey uhm with the costumes and that how do you get items to hold in your hand please tell me respond soon! please? oh by the way do you have cheats for cub penguin bye im gonna go play spore on my computer

Response to Emily.

Only some items can be Holded,For example the Broom that I’m holding in the Picture that’s a item that can be Holded,And Yeah i do have some Club Penguin cheats i post them sometimes 😉


How do i register my daugter to get a “character” for Poptropica? She has to create a new character everytime she wants to play?!?! thanks : )

Easy,Once you made a character there should be a “SAVE” Button below Once you click it add the User name you want a Password **** and then you should be done 😉


thx a bunch 4 the info. 1 more thing though. how do u beat betty jetty on superpower island????????????

my save button disappeared what should i do

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