Some glicthes in NFS underground

Posted on: October 30, 2008

In Need for Speed Underground, there are two glitches Im going to tell you of.

1: Floating Car.
From the Underground Menu, go to Customize Car. Now to Visual. To Paint. Now go to “Paint Brake Calipers”

Your tire should disappear. Now scroll out completely with the C stick. Your car is floating.

2: This requires a huge crash or a crash in a drag. You must be going fast enough and crash under an enclosed bridge. If done right, your car should flip up. If you go high enough, you will go literally right through the top. Then it ill glitch and your car will be put under or keep going.

Now he is a third, that the chances of happening are one in a billion.

In Drag Races on the Highway type track, or any course, Pay attention to your rank. If you are the time it happens, you will be in last place, look again and be in first. How? The other three cars crashed. This has happened twice for me. First time I drove slowly to the end so I wouldn’t crash. Second time, thought I was in last, crashed two feet in front of the line in first place. Which I came in first and it said I lost.



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