Light Heroes

Posted on: November 15, 2008

Hi GameZo with a Whole new post! on the new MiniClip game Light Heroes.


Use your characters awesome Skills to fly around while defeating the enimies and Saving the World.

There’s many things to do in Light Heroes,There’s a Really cool feature of Saving an account 😀


Pretty awesome huh? well it get’s Better,You can also Sell or Repair Items and there’s many Other missions 🙂

There’s also many Items while playing to help you on your way,The instructions on how to Play is Very easy.

  • Click and hold left mouse to Fire.
  • Double Click to throw a Black Ball
  • Triple Click to use powerful magic trick

This is how an Actual Stage looks like:



Also i was Randomley playing then i went on the First level and Before every Mission theres a Door that opens then you can Play but i got a Glitch! the door kept  closing and Opening rapidley While i was playing so i Thought i should Record it and add it to YouTube heres the Video.

And if you check the HELP section and check the instructions under you can see their is a Spell correction 😆 it says Triple click on the game and under the it says Treble Click,








5.5/10 (Medium)






!! 42/50 !!

You should Really! Try this game,

Link for Game: ( )

 How to beat Boss at level 8 (Video not made by me)

Yeah i know weird…? 😆 Hope you enjoy’ed my Post on  Light Heroes!

-GameZo 😀

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54 Responses to "Light Heroes"

I would say difficulty is 10, because I still have not beaten the level 7 =/
My Samurai lvl is 12.
Ps. Treble aka triple, so it does not matter:)

how do u beat the boss on stage 4, i dont understand the 3 form when he explodes when u get near him, u got any advice?

Yeah, its hard im currently a level 12 ninja.

Stuck on level 10.

You gottta beat all four of the level 5-8 bosses in level 10 without stopping. Its hard.

And for level 9 it was all 4 of the 1-4 bosses without stopping.

I am stuck on level 7 – with level 14 ninja my str is over 100 and dmg over 200 – it doesnt seem to do any damage to the boss at all.

Has anyone beat level 7 yet?

to Rakim: Try to upgrade your experience level and get Monumental gear, which would help you stay alive longer. When the Boss will be “shrimp” and start to explode then try to move from corner to corner to avoid explosions.

To iOwnU: I usually play with Normal and so far can beat 1st 4 levels with Hard mode also this way I can earn money, but in level 7 I had to play with Easy mode to beat that boss. Now

how do you beat lvl 7… the one with 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 and a circle in the middle…im stuck on it. i also tried to stay in the middle and make the red circle explode, that didnt work.

This is a good game. It should rank higher than 6th on miniclip top 10 games especially with club penguin being the number 1.

Respone comment to hublah:

Yes your right,But on Miniclip’s Top 10 Games are not the Best games they have it’s the most Played so far the Most played is Club Penguin so let’s see what happens 🙂


Also could someone else explain to me what vitality and energy do in this game, i noticed strength adds to damage and dexterity adds to defense.

Dexterity = Defense
Strength = Damage
Energy = Mana
Vitality = Health

To LightHero: in the beginning do magic inside the ring (treble click action). Try to kill 2 monks out of 8, then just start to avoid enemy’s “bullet rain”. Finished it with easy, lvl 8 was easier than lvl 7.In lvl 8 just use magic as long as the enemy will “explode”. After that it is vulnerable. . .

how do u kill the boss on lvl 7

guyss i need help i cant find a way to beat the lvl 7 with the round circle i tryed like 1000 times ????

some 1 help me plzz……

thx im on lvl 8 boss now i know how to beat him, i just cant lol

For level 7 boss you have to kill them in order.
So kill 0 first, then 1, then 2, etc..
Anyways if anyone beats level 9 tell me.. its hard

Anyways, I meant level 10, not 9.
But its good now, I just beat level 10.
I’ll see how level 11 is.

If you want to dodge hits just right click, then left click to where you want to be. Since this is a mouse controlled game it follows where your mouse goes, but since when you right click the character can’t follow you, so once you left click agian, it teleports there.

For the Level 8 boss, when he punches with his hand and the blue stuff come out, right click and click the bottom left corner. That’s a safe spot.

anyone wanna tell me if the last lvl is beatable it just keeps going its just bosses over and over again

Level 11 has bosses from levels 1-4 and with them are mobs and sub bosses.
I lost cuz it glitched >_<. The freaking ghost summon girl stayed even though I killed her and I got to the final form of the last boss, but that girl was in the way.
Anyways, good luck.

is it normal my armour always goes back to 0 durability every game?

I like this game but i dont get why there is gear for lvl 99…. no one never got there as i see i am 18 all monumental gear and i do all stages at hard out of the last so is it the end??

and (LVL 7) for the armor durability mine just dont drop since i die so its anormal make a new car maybe

how do you kill boss 7

Lvl 12 is just sick I played about 1,5 hrs and then I just quit. Like during that time I killed 4 times lvl 3 boss, 3 times lvl 1 and lvl 8 bosses, several times all type sub bosses and once lvl 7 boss and after that again came lvl 7 boss. Then I just quit, it was too late, so I wen to bed. . Will try again today. .And all levels from lvl 9 started to glitch, like bosses are “flashing” on black screen and exploding all the time. . .
It is disappointment that game developer didn’t make a new boss for lvl 12.

I saw the video, about 5 times in a row. and I still CAN’T BEAT the boss in level 8!! UNREAL!! >-(

ya its always the same bosses this is a bit bad… annyway for u sean and other that want to get tip to kill boss here they are :

Stage 1: You can just atk boss and move verry fast to the top of screen till he morph and shoot fire than you just try to dodge i use when low lvl to turn around him so dont get hurt!

Stage 2: Destroy the 3 green button at his feet than is protection will leave . At this point boss start loosing health and eazy to dodge.

Stage 3: more than one boss so there is a lil girl all in pink a big one that throw blue swords and the lil girl again . All those are eazy and wont hurt you if u stick to the wall.

than annother big one( she got red robe and white shirt) that throw flower . its bit hard first time you will need to stay at left till she throw flower and when she start calling flower back , than you move to the right slowly ull see the way if u try …

than the last boss : this one is eazy cuz u can stay in front of him all the time , 1st tip stay at top even more if u play at hard cuz than its eazyer when he get in second form . when he second form ull need to dodge ninja star . you can kill this form praticly without mooving and last for is hardest but not if u take time ps at this moment u can get of the wall and stay under him is eazyer

Stage 4: 3 steps :
1: when boss atk stay where you are or move of like 2 mm you wont get hurt , when he summun the ball that throw fire than u can move or use ur magic

2:dodge… no tips for that

3: this form is HARD cuz he make lot dmg when he explod so dont stay near boss move from bottom left to bottom right but doing like a rainbow , than he wont explod

Stage 5 : u can use your magic to start than the eazyest way is to atk pink one than when he shoot his atk u move to atk the blue one and when blue one start moving youll need to go fast to the middle right like between bosses ,
tip: if u got problem with this boss kill the one u preffer as fast as u can than the second will die fast

Stage 6 : I always get more hurt at this boss he not so cool just fix on dmg and do magic when he call ally ull be ok no much form

Stage 7 : kill 0 than 1 than 2…. to 7 this boss is VERY LONG TO KILL need patience and health so stay at the wall all long and when the boss are not attacking get in the wheel to atk the one u need so u wont loose time
tips: keep magic for last to end it fast or use it as a double click to save ur life

stage 8: FiNal bosss GJ he not hard comparativly to stage 6 argh . you can look to the vid at top of this page

all other stages are lot of boss toguether so GOOD LUCK ALL WISH IT HELPED!!!

Lol one last tips for gearing : w8 till u can buy an entire gear in elite that give like 20/100 more money from ennemy killed on all part or /and get 170 000 to buy and Monumental , and one more ,and all gear than u can do all lvl at hard lvl 15…

the last lvl dont seem to have a end i passed 1 hour and 3 min and i was tired so i left i made like 250 000 $$

The boss number 7 is easy.You just need to be patient and kill numbers from 0 to 7.The boss lvl 8 can be very easy.When he transform into red robot, each time when he uses his Fire balls you need to do your Magic attack and he cant touch you.Try it few times and you will kill him. I hope i helped :))

I got the same problem as Post 18. My durability goes to 0 after every game. 😦

Hey.. I cant beat lvl 7 boss. Well, im sorceress, and my dmg is only 154. It takes so so so so long when i try to kill one of them ;p I have to use 4-5 trible klick magic, that i can kill one of them.. And then i dont have mana anymore, and i have to use my normal magic, and it takes so long..

Im lvl 7 . So i go lvl 2 all the time, and get exp and money, so i can put my skills to strenght, is that ok? Who can help 🙂 Tell some information please 🙂

lvl 12 seems too long…, got bored

also, for lvl 7 just be patient and use black hole , it takes a while to kill each one, once you killed all 8 it is dead.

For lvl 8,
* the hands that shoots red spheres is invulnerable to physical attack (can be damaged with spells, but i suggest save the spells for later).

* shoot the dude that comes out from the other hand.
* repeat until the metal budha comes in.
* use your magic spells for its invincible time to get pass the wall of fireballs
* I found this part is impossible to dodge, dodge as many as you can and take a hit to ensure ur invincible time can get through the rest

It is definitely doable, as i did it with my secondary character, lvl 13 ninja

lvl 8-12 is just a kind of boss fight repeat of the previous ones. Although lvl 12 seems infinitely long. I just got bored.

Also, to get good amount of money, fight lvl 4 boss, elongate the fight with sphere, but do not kill it. let it kill you.

each time should get you around 1/3 of the money required to buy a monumental armour.

Unlimited Power & Invinciblity can be acquired by using the software called, (100% FREE), “Cheat Engine”.

But the bottom line is…….

This game has no END….

I played with So much POWER, all the “King Monsters would die from my single shot”, (yes, even those 7 Buddhas, die with a single shot each. Because I UP-The fire power to over 14million!!!)

Yet still, after playing non-stop, on the last stage, for OVER 2hours, still…………… NO END!!!

They just repeat over and over and over and over…

Have FUN!!!

level 7 is difficult ive been playing forever you cant beat it

level 7 i just beat it,you kill o first then 1 then 2 then get it well you kill in the middle and you dodge bullets whe they don t shoot @ u

i cant beat lvl 10 im lvl 18 and ive only got bullet lvl 3
its really hard could someone tell me how to beat it?

i am lvl 16 and i beat lvl 7 8 9 10 11 except 12 its kinda boring
i realy dont know if any1 could be lvl 99 anyone

I get bored when i try to kill lvl10. Its easy, but it takes so long, that its so bored. When i tried to kill last boss at lvl10, boss number 7, i shotted him about 5 minutes, and i dreamt that it wont take any longer, and then i died , when i tried to use teleport, i pressed wrong button, omfggg i dont want to play that lvl10 anymoree omfgg

Now i get it why power bullet doesnt take so long, well, if you get hitted by monster, it take power bullets away, if you dont get, power bullets takes so long 🙂

Somebody PLEASE help me, this is not HELP with a boss. I am having a problem with the entire game.

It is not a glitch, but my game is running “lightning” fast, where as it is simply impossible to dodge any attacks even from normal enemies and my character’s shots are 100x faster then normal. This is a serious problem because it makes even easy mode almost impossible to play on. When I first started the game, yesterday, it was running fine and at normal speed. But today it just started running much too fast. Anyone know what I can do??

how long does level 11 take?¿?
i can”t beat it

Oh Shit the last level is fucking hard! i can’t never beat it with my 15lvl ninja…

i did the last level for an hour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Why won’t it end!???!!!

Level seven is SO hard.How do you beat it?ITS IMPOSSIBLE.I get down to the final two and always die.

p.s. level seven the final two did you notice they attack with chineese symbols?I mean HOW ON EARTH DOES THAT AFFECT YOU???


if u want to beat lvl 7 u shot at the monks for a while then they die. for lvl 8 dodge and wait or use magic when the devil apears kill it and the boss hp will sufer then when hes vulnearable kill him.

I’m on the level before last i’m just giving up at this point unless I get cheat engine


how do you beat the exploding boss in level 4

he follows explodes and when i hit him explodes how do i get his damage down or do i just wait for him to disappear

OMFG, after 4 hours I beat lv 12! that boss is fricking insane. Lv 27 pristess FTW!

Will the last stage ever end? im at the stage for half and hour now and its boring me out

Does anyone know how to MUTE the volume

Light heros is not a hard game but a really long game the last 4 at the bottoms are the same lvls at the middle but more harder but i think it’s is just to long and the last one is just a boss battle for all the bosses so it’s just to lvl you up

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