Flypie –

Posted on: November 19, 2008

Flypie is the new Edis Brother’s game and game!

The whole point of the game is The Frog(You) swim around eating the Fly’s that you see along the way,You have to get the exact number of fly’s they want you to get to Complete a Level for Example they say 0/25 so once you get a Fly it becomes 1/25,After getting all fly’s You will have to go get the Pie and complete the level and Avoid the Obsticales you find along your way,Every level is diffrent,So Good Luck~!


The Official logo ^^^^

You can find the Game at,Link added under!

The game is Awesome! pretty tricky but easy as well,I Give it

★★★ 3+ Stars!


Everytime you get a Good Score on each level you get a News Best! badge:


This is how the level Page looks like!


This is how normal levels look like,As shown below is Level:3,Some pointers on the game too!


Link to game:

That’s it for now!


“Making the Game bigger!”

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