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Check it out! WordPress have added a feature for December Only!!! That will let blogs Add snow to their Blog! How cool is that So from now till the end of the Month Snow will be falling on Gamezo! 🙂



Anyone play this game. I had three beta accounts. gjmC784, Sir GALAHAD, and I forget the third.

The game got a bit dumb though, and I just never liked it.

Expect more reviews within the next week!


Platform: Playstation 2

Rated T for Teens. Blood, Mild Language, and Violence

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A fun game. I have not gotten too far into it, because it is a challenging game.

Music: Im not sure there is any, so can’t rate

Gameplay: 8/10. Its my easiest mode to use, but it gets confusing

Plot: 7/10. Confusing

Graphics: 10/10. Who cares?

Overall: 8/10

P.S. Ill be adding more reviews for the PS2 when I get a memory card and can play more games.

Dragon Runner,is a Game by That’s seriously awesome! The point of the game is to Avoid the Obsticales and Dragon that face your way! To see how much Points you can Score but You gotta be Careful! to not Lose Check how long you can Get before Losing. 🙂


That is the Start Menu of the Game,here is the Useful items That can help you Through out the Game.


It’s really hard to get the Useful items Above you got to Jump! to Catch it,And to know how to Jump,and Other Attacks this is what the Controls are:


Beware of the Strong enemies you Catch each one is harder then the other


Pretty Grosem?  eh 😆 This is how the Actual level looks like:


It shows me about to attack a enemies 😉

The game is Awesome and you can see it by yourSelf so you should really Play it! Check out the Link Under:


So That’s it for Today Goodbye and Good Night!


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