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Alright all you Club Penguin fans!

I would like to go on CP one final time, so Im planning a party.

Right now this is the time:

Saturday, January 17, 2009 at 3PM Club Penguin Time (which is uh…still Pacific Time right?). Well these are the time zones split up: (starting from furthest ahead)

Australia: 7AM Sunday the 18

Europe: 11PM

Atlantic: 7PM

Eastern: 6PM

Central: 5PM

Mountain: 4PM

Pacific: 3PM

Alaskan: 2PM

Hawaiian: 1PM

On the server: Snowy River

Spot: Since Im a non member (I wear member clothes though), it will be at the Cove.

All that good?
Snowy River, Cove, Jan 17, 3PM (CP time)

Remember, my penguin name is Gjmc784.

This is only because before I completely hate Club Penguin, I’d like one last party, well I do, but before I forget all the good old days 100%

Im gonna clear off my buddy list for this, to add some new faces.

I wear this: Purple Hoodie, Gold Viking Helmet (from when it was out in 07 >:D), green sunglasses, whistle, and I forget what else.

This is not mean I am coming back. I just want a party to say goodbye, as I will probably forget about the game and the fun I had soon.


To get more of this visit (

George here everyone!

Well I wrote a Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door FAQ (Platform: Gamecube) so if you would like help with the game or URl, comment please (just adding it is SPAM and I don’t want to do that without permission) asking.

Also, I dug up some very needed James Bond: GoldenEye (Platform: N64) Cheats, which are as follow:
(Since there are so many click on More to see them)
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Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Platform: PS2

Rated T for Mild Violence

Overall this is a great game. Its a bit inappropriate for those who are younger because of the cop violence (running away and immobilizing them and such) though.

Gameplay: 8/10 Nice and easy controls, except for n00bs, very hard.

Plot: 8/10 What the thing is how some of the rivals are so bad and it takes so much to face a rival Blacklist member.

Graphics: 10/10 I mean what could be better? IT RAINS! It is also very accurate with the police damage and all. And you can break all windows, and it looks almost as if it were real (which is good for a video game)

Music: 10/10 Very nice music, and the cop music is great, and in cooldown is very peaceful in a scary way.


Anyone play this game. I had three beta accounts. gjmC784, Sir GALAHAD, and I forget the third.

The game got a bit dumb though, and I just never liked it.

Expect more reviews within the next week!


Platform: Playstation 2

Rated T for Teens. Blood, Mild Language, and Violence

[insert title cover here: error no image]

A fun game. I have not gotten too far into it, because it is a challenging game.

Music: Im not sure there is any, so can’t rate

Gameplay: 8/10. Its my easiest mode to use, but it gets confusing

Plot: 7/10. Confusing

Graphics: 10/10. Who cares?

Overall: 8/10

P.S. Ill be adding more reviews for the PS2 when I get a memory card and can play more games.


Super Mario Sunshine

Very fun game, also spent hours playing…most of it not even working on main goal!

Travel around cleaning up Isle Delfino: a new twist to Mario. If you don’t like change of Nintendo’s games, then you won’t like Twilight Princess.

Well, down to scoring:

Music: 10/10: loved every piece of music

Characters: 8/10: Some were a bit odd, but thats all

Gameplay: 10/10: Perfect.

Plot: 10/10: Brilliantly designed

Graphics: 11/10: Not real life. Perfecto

Overall: 10/10. Almost nothing you couldn’t love in this game.


Animal Crossing

Very fun game, I’ve spent hours playing it!

You can do anything: build a house, talk to villagers, shop, mail others, collect fossils, and fish! Plus more!

Now for scores.

Music: 9/10. It changes every hour on almost every day.

Characters: 8/10. There are some I do not like at all *Bea*

Gameplay: 9/10. Some things could be better, but otherwise its good.

Plot: 10/10. Everything about the Plot is good.

Graphics: 9/10. Who cares? Some graphics are glitchy and annoying, but very few.

Overall: 9/10. There are some things I don’t like, but those are replaced by things that are even better.

Sorry for not adding reviews yesterday, I got caught up hanging out with friends, making cookies, and having sleep over.


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