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Hey Guys

Are you ready to party? Well take a preview look at Young Berg`s concert for this friday.

Here A Sneek Peek: (click to enlarge)

Also Young Berg signed Bigdawg`s T-shirt after the rehearsal today! The concert Friday will be awesome!( Maybe Young Berg will signed our T-shirt)



Hey Guys,

First lets get started with the PCAP Hat. The PCAP hat will ONLY be given to the ambassadors. This hat will be like a badge to us the ambassadors of Planet Cazmo. The new PCAP Hats will be delivered within the next 33 hours.


Also there is going to be a contest for a chance to win a Nintedo Wii!



More info coming soon.



There is a new Cazmo Of The Week on Planet Cazmo, and her name is ScientistXoxo. Congratulations Scientistxoxo!



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