Game Tips!

In this page i will be adding MANY MANY sections of each game i have tips for every game i play that i have tips for 🙂 enjoy! if you want tips in a game that is not in this Page comment below the name of the game 🙂


Bloxorz ( Miniclip Version )

1. If your a miniclip player and is having trouble submitting your Score for a challenge,Simple just click on Menu on the upper Left screen and click  Quit and Submit Score.


Sonic Xtreme 2 v.2.0

1. At the middle of Level 1,Theres a straght line of rings jump at the end of them at you should be on a floating ground block. theres 3 kind of blocks at the end of it theres a Life block if you jump over it you will gain 1 life!


(More games and tips will be added )

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