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Hey everyone today is Halloween! so i decided to make a Halloween-o-trific Post 😛 and as i Promised i changed the theme to Orange and Black just for Today it will be back to normal Tomorrow!


Anyway I’m making a post on a Halloweenish game so i Picked Creepy Pong on Mini Clip!

so here’s the post

The Point of the game is to Challenge all monsters on a game of Ping pong and if you finish them all you finished and completed the game 🙂


Mouse(To hit ping pong ball using your Paddle)












If you like Ping pong you should play it 😉

Just a mini-post on Creepy pong 😆

And hope you enjoy the halloween theme just for today! 😀

Till’ then Game on!


Hey everyone!!!

Well as you can see Halloween is Coming up and i just wanted to say Happy Halloween! to everyone and i will be changing the theme on my site to a Halloween-ish look from October 30-31  Till’ then… Game on!


Hi! everyone

Fantage is getting ready for halloween! 😀


So stay tuned!


Hey everyone!


 They just added  some new Cool scary Halloween costumes on PopTropica!!!


You can find it on Super hero island 🙂

Get em’ while there still here!

Till’ then Game on!


Hey Gamezo here well I’m pretty bored  So i decided to play this game on called “Halloween Cake Game” Well as you all know Halloween is coming up and this post is perfect 😆 for halloween

Here is the Link:

It’s a pretty fun game,You design your own Halloween cake and you can Print it in the end,I Just made it for fun,


Here is how my Halloween cake looks like:

lol Hope you like it 😛


Ok that’s it for now 🙂



Hey everyone!!!  Latest news from Planet Cazmo (-If you don’t know what here is the link: -) And this month there going to be throwing there first Party 😀


Costume Shop


Check out some of the costumes you will be able to buy in the new Costume Shop!



Looks great ^^^

Until next time.. Game on!


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