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Hey’All! GameZo here to inform you that Our blog has just reached over 1,000 Hits! Thanks to everyone who commented and visited 🙂 Now let’s get back to the post!


Today I’m going to post about the Mini Clip game “Rigelian Hotshots”  =)






Description: Really easy to use I’d give it a 6 out of 10! you just move it by using your mouse 🙂


Sound Effects:


Description: Horrible! The fire sound effect of the fire Ball sucks :S it’s like a camp fire!  So if i would be you i would mute 🙂




Description: There all pretty much the same 😛 but it’s still fun




Description: EASY! Well for some people XD





There is no Mute Option sadly 😦


Short Description of Game:

Collecting all the thrill suckers to earn extra points. Hitting walls or getting caught in traps gets you killed.





So that’s my review

Hope you enjoyed this short review 🙂

-GameZo 😉

TubeRockers is a Awesome new Game by They have really Cool games! 😀

Anyway,Lets Get back on talking about tuberockers,In short: Guitar Hero + Youtube = TubeRockers. My first rhythm game in flash. It’s really very similar to other games out there in terms of gameplay, scoring, etc. You should still give it a try as it uses YouTube videos for music and background. This means two things. The game looks cool (in my opinion) Possibility of new tracks is endless. Who could ask for more? (Actually you could ask for a smoother, less choppy gameplay on systems that hasn’t got a dual core cpu) Right click and select “low quality” it helps.

 Currently theres only 2 Songs to choose from

 Here is a Video i made of Me playing the Song Die Hard on TubeRockers!

Lol i know I’m pretty bad 😛

here is the Link to the game:



This is not really a Game review or Cheats,But i just found this really cool new game that is still in Beta called Green 🙂 The website is really good name eh? Check it out my Username is Beta There’s many cool Features to do,There’s also really cool games like LineRider in the game 

Until then…. Game on!


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