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Hey hey!

Today’s Post is on the Awesome game Bike Mania 4 Micro Office 


Bike mania 4 is The hit Game by! It’s full of awesome Tracks/Stages to Play on! It gets Pretty annoying When you Fall off the Bike! But overall the Game is Pretty Sick! so Try it out yourself!


UP ARROW: To move forward

DOWN ARROW: To move backwards

LEFT/RIGHT ARROW: To lean the biker’s Body.


The music is Pretty Sweet,Freegames247 Really out done there self this time 🙂 and Play the game yourself and tell me what you think?

As all ways!

Game on!



Hey everyone!


 They just added  some new Cool scary Halloween costumes on PopTropica!!!


You can find it on Super hero island 🙂

Get em’ while there still here!

Till’ then Game on!


TubeRockers is a Awesome new Game by They have really Cool games! 😀

Anyway,Lets Get back on talking about tuberockers,In short: Guitar Hero + Youtube = TubeRockers. My first rhythm game in flash. It’s really very similar to other games out there in terms of gameplay, scoring, etc. You should still give it a try as it uses YouTube videos for music and background. This means two things. The game looks cool (in my opinion) Possibility of new tracks is endless. Who could ask for more? (Actually you could ask for a smoother, less choppy gameplay on systems that hasn’t got a dual core cpu) Right click and select “low quality” it helps.

 Currently theres only 2 Songs to choose from

 Here is a Video i made of Me playing the Song Die Hard on TubeRockers!

Lol i know I’m pretty bad 😛

here is the Link to the game:



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