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Hey’All! GameZo here to inform you that Our blog has just reached over 1,000 Hits! Thanks to everyone who commented and visited 🙂 Now let’s get back to the post!


Today I’m going to post about the Mini Clip game “Rigelian Hotshots”  =)






Description: Really easy to use I’d give it a 6 out of 10! you just move it by using your mouse 🙂


Sound Effects:


Description: Horrible! The fire sound effect of the fire Ball sucks :S it’s like a camp fire!  So if i would be you i would mute 🙂




Description: There all pretty much the same 😛 but it’s still fun




Description: EASY! Well for some people XD





There is no Mute Option sadly 😦


Short Description of Game:

Collecting all the thrill suckers to earn extra points. Hitting walls or getting caught in traps gets you killed.





So that’s my review

Hope you enjoyed this short review 🙂

-GameZo 😉

Hi GameZo Here and i’ve got a sneak peek of the Upcoming island at Poptropica!!!


Looks Cool! 

Until then.. Game On!


Hi! GameZo here and bringing some news from the land of Poptropica,This just added to the Creators blog…


It’s time for another treasure hunt! If you can find this location you’ll get an exclusive mask from the upcoming Nabooti Island. Good luck!

avatar image

I Already got the Mask Here is how to get it Follow the simple Rules under or just watch the video created by Poptropica55

1.Go to the Spy Island

2. Then go through Balding Avenue

3. Jump up on the Red tower

4. Jump on all the towers until you make it to the one with the roof and the Guy

5. Use the Grappling Bow Tie to go to the tower next to it(Yellow) and go above

6. And use the Grappling bow tie to try to find the mask it’s somewhere there

(Video Created by PopTropica55)

Try getting the mask as fast as you can Before it goes away

Okay thanks for reading!


Click To Play Max Dirtbike

Hey! GameZo here,and ill be adding Max Dirtbike codes and stuff! 🙂

Here are the Level Codes:

Level 1: 12345
Level 2: 18945
Level 3: 98423
Level 4: 21658
Level 5: 84362
Level 6: 27412
Level 7: 19735
Level 8: 46823
Level 9: 84625
Level 10: 13859
Level 11: 14789
Level 12: 36987
Level 13: 15973
Level 14: 85296
Level 15: 76248
Level 16: 13548
Level 17: 50483
Level 18: 93812
Level 19: 48662


Note: It gets Harder Every level


The game is very easy and Fun,i Think it’s for all ages It’s more fun if you played the game without the codes 😉











Created by: MaxGames

Thanks for Reading! 🙂



Click To Play Max Dirtbike

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