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Hola GameZo here with a New Post!

Today’s Wonder full post is about Ping Pong the Paddle ball game!

It can be played on Miniclip and is Created by Oyster Games,This game also can be Played by the new Miniclip Players feature on the WHOLE Point of the game is to hit the ball with the Paddle and see how much points you can get it is very Addicting but also boring in some ways,It is also cool how there is new Levels and Points my Highest score is 40 right now but Let’s see what practice takes us at.


Now this is how the Whole Level and game looks like:

A Boy who hits a Ball with a paddle to see how much hits you get a hit is 1 point so like 5 hits 5 points the more points you get the more chance you have on being on the High score list!

The only instructions in this game is to Use your mouse to Move the paddle and Hitting it.

So hope you enjoyed my small Post on Ping Pong! this evening! 🙂



Hey everyone today is Halloween! so i decided to make a Halloween-o-trific Post 😛 and as i Promised i changed the theme to Orange and Black just for Today it will be back to normal Tomorrow!


Anyway I’m making a post on a Halloweenish game so i Picked Creepy Pong on Mini Clip!

so here’s the post

The Point of the game is to Challenge all monsters on a game of Ping pong and if you finish them all you finished and completed the game 🙂


Mouse(To hit ping pong ball using your Paddle)












If you like Ping pong you should play it 😉

Just a mini-post on Creepy pong 😆

And hope you enjoy the halloween theme just for today! 😀

Till’ then Game on!


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