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Straw Hat samurai,Is the new Awesome Game on! About a Samurai Sword-Fighting with Enemies to Attack the enemies there’s many Ways like Sword Slashing and Shoot Arrow’s! So it’s prettttty Cool.


There’s many Stages to Unlock more you have to Complete the Stages,The more the Stages you complete the more Stages you get! 🙂


And if there was a “Treasure Chest” on the Blocks you get more Points and Extra’s!


This is what a Actual stage looks like more Enemies come To shoot arrows Press “Shift” then Left click 🙂 There are some Stages with different Looks or colors…


Every Block you complete you move a Turn as shown in the Picture Above ^^^ Is Turn 18.


This Block,Means its Enemy Territory! so Be aware 😀


There’s many other different Blocks so keep in Mind 🙂

Link to game:

Hope you enjoyed my New post! 🙂


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