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Hey Guys,

First lets get started with the PCAP Hat. The PCAP hat will ONLY be given to the ambassadors. This hat will be like a badge to us the ambassadors of Planet Cazmo. The new PCAP Hats will be delivered within the next 33 hours.


Also there is going to be a contest for a chance to win a Nintedo Wii!



More info coming soon.



Hi GameZo Here and i’ve got a sneak peek of the Upcoming island at Poptropica!!!


Looks Cool! 

Until then.. Game On!


Hey penguins Pink Ster here and i am showing u a sneak peek of the Halloween catalog and Billy Bob posted it!
Wigs will be included in this year’s Halloween catalog.  Here’s one you’re going to see:

sneakwig1.jpgI cant wait! I got this post from my website

Well until next time………..waddle on!

-Pink Ster

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