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Smokin’ Barrels? 😆 This is a must play game! Sadly it is not a Miniclip Player game so no scores will be Saved to your Miniclip Player. But It is a Awesome game you should really try it out 🙂 For the Link… Check Under.

By the way I Am now going to be Posting other then Internet Games… But some different things but Also Including Mini Games!

I Am very Inactive Because i got so Addicted after buying World of Warcraft… That i kept forgeting to Post. But i will try to Post more.

Panda Star is a Great virtual game as you the Panda floating through the sky and making lines between the stars.But you must not try to Touch the star that you Touched before 🙂 Oh and Link will be Under!

And for the reason i added Cheese is Wonderfull on the Title… Well its for you to Think of why? hehe 🙂


Link to Smokin’ Barrels:

Link to Panda Star:




Many new great challenge games have been added so Check out for new games and they are updated from Time to time 🙂



Miniclip’s new Game! Polar Jump. Make the Polar Bear go as high as possible and see how far you can go! Pretty Fun and Boring in the same time,Cool thing about it that it’s a Miniclip Player game now so you can save it to your Miniclip player scores! 😀 To make the Polar bear go high click the Polar bear and everytime it’s getting lower click it and don’t make it Fall or you will loose press “SPACE” To Deploy parachute.




  • Left Click – Jump
  • SPACE – Deploy Parachute
  • Link-To-Game:



    Today i thought i would talk about the game “Uphill Rush” by now most of you know this game. It’s a pretty Sick! Game

    The game is pretty much about Racing your bike, truck, quad or skateboard over hills and obstacles and finish each level without falling wich i think is pretty Simple.


    The game is very addicting so Be-ware!!! 😆
    How to play:
    Up arrow: accelerate
    Down arrow: brake/reverse
    Left arrow: lean left
    Right arrow: lean right
    Space bar: jump
    M: show/hide mini map
    P: pause
    Z: use turbo (doubles the player’s speed for 5 seconds)

    In my point of view the motor cycle rounds is very easy to control and finishes and the skateboard rounds are very hard but also the quad is easy.

    The music in the game is pretty catchy and not bad like some other games (>.<)

    Monster trucks are unlockable by playing rounds and doing the tasks they give your. Theres also speacial cups to unlock 🙂

    Game rating:



    I Just stumbled upon and noticed some few Changes. If you already Don’t know Friv its a Website full with great online Mini-games. And now they have added a Christmas layout to it wich i think looks great and is a Great feature and some cool things too like instead of the normal loading bar they have added a christmas tree loading bar and Other things for Instance some new games along the way! so check it out while your on 🙂




    Hi Today i will be making a Post on the new Miniclip game GolFish!

    GolFish,is a Golfing game The Point of the game is you “Fish” hitting the Golfing balls to complete the levels with the Lowest number of Balls.


    The game is Pretty Cool and fun at the Same time! It’s in 3-D. And That’s a Cool feature too.

    It sometimes get’s Annoying when there are like Sea Weed and stuff Blocking your way and You cant see what your doing for EXAMPLE The picture Below:


    And try to Collect the Most coins with the “M” Logo on. and The less the Golf balls you use the Better. 🙂

    This is how a Random Level look’s like:


    Here is the Review coming up!:











    !!~ 34/50 ~!!




  • [SPACE] Power/Take shot
  • [^][V] Change view
    •  > Aim

    That’s it for now!


    Cave of Despair!!!

    Gamezo here! and I’ll be making a post on the Miniclip game (Cave Of Despair)


    The point of the game is to Help Dr.Carter To his way to saftey and Not to let him touch the Lava. Or game Over!

    The Rules are pretty Easy.


    The game is really Easy,And if you have a Miniclip Player Like me you can challenge people on this Game! 🙂

    Try the game out! 😀 you Might like it!


    Hi GameZo with a Whole new post! on the new MiniClip game Light Heroes.


    Use your characters awesome Skills to fly around while defeating the enimies and Saving the World.

    There’s many things to do in Light Heroes,There’s a Really cool feature of Saving an account 😀


    Pretty awesome huh? well it get’s Better,You can also Sell or Repair Items and there’s many Other missions 🙂

    There’s also many Items while playing to help you on your way,The instructions on how to Play is Very easy.

    • Click and hold left mouse to Fire.
    • Double Click to throw a Black Ball
    • Triple Click to use powerful magic trick

    This is how an Actual Stage looks like:



    Also i was Randomley playing then i went on the First level and Before every Mission theres a Door that opens then you can Play but i got a Glitch! the door kept  closing and Opening rapidley While i was playing so i Thought i should Record it and add it to YouTube heres the Video.

    And if you check the HELP section and check the instructions under you can see their is a Spell correction 😆 it says Triple click on the game and under the it says Treble Click,








    5.5/10 (Medium)






    !! 42/50 !!

    You should Really! Try this game,

    Link for Game: ( )

     How to beat Boss at level 8 (Video not made by me)

    Yeah i know weird…? 😆 Hope you enjoy’ed my Post on  Light Heroes!

    -GameZo 😀

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    Hi It’s Gamezo,With a Big! Post today First of all From now on i will be making a Post every Thursday! 🙂 Today’s post is on the New Game by BigWig Media and Sweet Tooth Games “The Scruffs” Review and some Hints and Game Help with some new News on Club Penguin oh and That’s not all Fantage has finnaly turned yellow for Autumn! -GameZo

    Let’s go to The Scruff’s.


    The Scruffs,a New game About a Little boy(Andrew) Uncover’s his Grandpa’s Secret by Searching Item’s listed on Grandpa’s Note Book,There’s also Many Bonus Item’s for EXAMPLE the Family Photo.


    You can Play Mini games by Locating bonus Items,The first Familty Photo is Sticked on the door at Level 1.

    There’s also a Dog by clicking him he will Help you find Items on the List,You can only use him 3 Times.


    The bones highlighted on Yellow Means how many times you can Use him For example if you use him once a You will only have 2 bones left and So on…













    !! 9.2/10 !!







    Now let’s get into Club Penguin!

    Tomorrow on Club Penguin is a BIG day! The NEW dojo will be Open a Newspaper and a new Play!


    On november 17! wich is tomorrow the new Dojo is going to be Open and many new Things So get Ready for it!

    The trees on Fantage have become Yellow the Leaves have fallen Guess what that means YES! It’s fall on Fantage!


    Pretty Cool? Hmmm….

    That’s it for Now Gamer’s!

    -Gamezo 😆

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    Hola GameZo here with a New Post!

    Today’s Wonder full post is about Ping Pong the Paddle ball game!

    It can be played on Miniclip and is Created by Oyster Games,This game also can be Played by the new Miniclip Players feature on the WHOLE Point of the game is to hit the ball with the Paddle and see how much points you can get it is very Addicting but also boring in some ways,It is also cool how there is new Levels and Points my Highest score is 40 right now but Let’s see what practice takes us at.


    Now this is how the Whole Level and game looks like:

    A Boy who hits a Ball with a paddle to see how much hits you get a hit is 1 point so like 5 hits 5 points the more points you get the more chance you have on being on the High score list!

    The only instructions in this game is to Use your mouse to Move the paddle and Hitting it.

    So hope you enjoyed my small Post on Ping Pong! this evening! 🙂



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